Paul Holda - composer, producer, engineer, guitars, drums, bass, keys, vocals

 Paul Holda is an experimental artist and multi-instrumentalist creating organic modern-day psychedelia and sound art from his base in Bernardsville, New Jersey. His music resonates with the spirit of 1968 and an Avant Garde rock guitar attitude that values noise and human feel over technical perfection. His latest release is Maniacs From The 4th Dimensionand it’s a fine introduction to Holda’s world for the uninitiated. The set combines guitar instrumentals, vocal songs, and tracks overlayed with samples of writers like Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Aldous Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut, Terence McKenna, and Ken Kesey reading their work, which all adds up to an album better experienced than described. Holda played all the instruments on the record, as well as engineering and producing. Fans of Tame Impala and other mind-expanding guitar bands should find Paul Holda today. 


Hailing from the historical woods of Bernardsville, New Jersey, Paul has been writing original music, playing the guitar and jamming with bands for many years. He started recording albums on a 4 track cassette recorder in the early 1990's. Notable prior bands include Basement Generals, Transgressor, and Dreamatic House Band, and Flaming Youth, playing "People in Hell Want Ice water" a hit in the local middle school.


Carly Holda wrote the words and music for "Show me the Way"




Story of the album

These 78 minutes, over 19 songs were pulled from the 4th Dimension, layered with guitars, drums, bass, and other instruments. Produced perfectly non-perfect. Brown notes, off beats and noise are my friends. Without them, the other 18 songs could not have been freed..

Time is Slipping

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